Introducing prazely beta

Attracting and keeping clients happy is hard

Sending personalized gifts makes it easier

Hassle-free automated business gifting

Take the pain out of selecting, packaging, sending and following up on business gifts sent to clients or partners.

Prazely allows you to send hundreds of business gifts in minutes instead of weeks.

AI-powered personalization

With Prazely there is no need to choose between personalized business gifts and efficiency.

Our AI-powered platform will automatically find a perfect gift for anyone to go along with a handwritten card and beautiful branded box.

Cost control and ROI reporting


Have complete visibility on packages sent and money spent per campaign or company wide.

Timely follow-up campaigns

Get feedback, drive digital traffic, book meetings, boost event sign-ups with automatic email follow-up campaigns.

How it works

1. Tell us who and when

Create a campaign in just a few clicks. Add hundreds of people at once by connecting your Salesforce or uploading a CSV file.

2. Send personalized gifts 

Our AI uses social profiling to  match your contacts with the perfect business gift based on their interests.  You can also customize the gift box and handwritten note to go along with it.

3. Sit back and relax

Let us take care of your gifting and make your clients happy.

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Order now and finish holiday gifting in 5 minutes.