Case Study

Metazoa partnered with Prazely to automate gifting for their VIP Program. Their small team sends gifts year-round to welcome new VIPs. Without the resources to research and prepare personalized gifts, their focus was on finding an instant, end-to-end solution.


Welcome Gifts



Prazely provided us with the ability to automate a program to send thoughtful and personal gifts to our VIP’s with an easy-to-use interface, and beautiful presentation.

Jill Hourani
VP of Marketing and Customer Success


Strategic  Gifting

Personalized gifting to kick off strong partnerships.

Metazoa is a tech startup on a mission to build, support, and sell the world’s most functional Change and Release Management application for Salesforce admins.

Their mission relies on forming solid relationships with key Salesforce admins and developers. So, they developed a VIP program to elevate their reach, consisting of 20 VIP’s and expanding each month.

But the program was missing something. VP of Marketing and Customer Success, Jill Hourani knew she needed to add a physical layer of value to the VIP program. She looked into several gifting tools, but found that many require a strict minimum quantity of gifts to send and lacked guidance to help her understand what people like.

As a startup with a small team, she chose Prazely to instantly generate gifts that were unique to each VIP’s personal interests.

Executive, But Never Boring

High-quality items were a must, but more importantly Jill needed each gift to be unique — not the stale, generic gifts her executive audience may be used to receiving.

Jill has a practical philosophy on gifting: “never spend money on something that will end up in a garbage.”


As a lean startup, Metazoa needed a flexible solution to tailor the number of gifts sent, set a budget, and add branded promotional items.

Custom  Branding

Metazoa wanted a simple, yet elegant design for their branded boxes, but lacked the time and resources to make sure the specifications were in place. Prazely created a classic white box featuring the Metazoa logo, filled with premium purple crinkle-cut confetti to complement their brand colors.



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