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Paper Magazine, coiners of the phrase “break the internet”, chose Prazely to send 135 sleek holiday gifts to their advertisers, personalized to each recipient, while reflecting the Paper brand.



Client Holiday Gifts



Prazely is a life-saver for any marketing team. We wouldn’t have been able to send such amazing personalized gifts to all our key clients so quickly ourselves!

Hayley Yates, Brand Partnerships Manager at Paper Magazine


The Prazely Process

Where automation meets creativity and attention to detail.

The Paper team needed a creative gift campaign to cover 135 advertising partners across a broad range of industries.

They used Prazely to instantly create and send gifts that align with each recipient’s interests, using our gift-matching AI.  

Interest-Based Gift Matching 

The Paper team used Prazely to set a budget window from $40-$75 per recipient, while our AI handled the rest. Prazely’s AI identified unique gifts, customized to the interests of Paper’s contacts so that they wouldn’t need to research what all 135 of them would like.

Custom Branding

Paper opted for a completely custom box design with a minimalistic look and feel to match their brand. While Prazely will always suggest 3 distinct box designs to choose from for a given occasion, we can also create a custom design as we did in this case. The creative team at Prazely designed an elegant black box to display the Paper logo right on top with a dark grey finish that would flash a prominent “Happy Holidays” on the inside flap right as the gifts were being opened.

Individual Handwritten Cards

Since Paper’s gift campaign was delivered to contacts from several accounts, managed by different Account Managers on their team, they opted to send a unique handwritten note to each individual recipient. Each Account Manager entered personal notes that were handwritten out and included in the gift boxes.

Prazely Magic

Each box was crafted with a lot of love and care by our Prazely team.

Box Examples

For the fit fashionista

For Paper’s clients with interests like fitness and design, Prazely chose a chic Kate Spade Gold Dot Tumbler and an irresistible gourmet Compartes chocolate bar with holiday flavors of cranberry and orange. 




For the cocktail enthusiast

For the amateur and skilled cocktail aficionados alike, Prazely picked out this decorative Crate & Barrel Glass Shaker and enticing Sugarfina Bourbon Bears.



The gift boxes were simply beautiful! Our clients were excited to get such thoughtful gifts from us. Prazely definitely helped us strengthen relationships with each of our clients and I can’t believe how easy it was.

Juliana Ocampo, Account Manager at Paper Magazine


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