Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Prazely, our software, pricing, gift catalog and customer service.

Getting Started with Prazely

How does Prazely work?
Prazely uses social profiling to instantly generate the perfect gifts for anyone. You can schedule campaigns to send hundreds of gifts in minutes!
How do I add in my recipients?
There are three simple ways to do that. Prazely can integrate with your Salesforce account, or if you use another platform, you can upload a CSV file right into Prazely with your contacts. Lastly, if you prefer to enter your contacts one-at-a-time, you can do so by pasting in your recipients’ email addresses. Keep an eye out for more integrations coming in the near future!
Who can I send gifts to?
Anyone you want! Most Prazely users send gifts to their clients, employees or partners, but you can use Prazely to send gifts to anyone.
What occasions are available?
You can send gifts for a wide range of occasions from “Thank You” to “Holidays” to “Referrals”. To try out the full range of occasions, you can create a campaign by getting started with your personal account.
How much does it cost to use Prazely?
Prazely’s gift-matching technology is free to use! You only pay for the gifts, custom packaging (optional), and shipping. In the future, we’ll be adding some premium features you can access through a paid subscription. However, the basic version of Prazely will remain free to all.


Can I customize/brand the gift box?
Yes, absolutely! We want your recipients to share their gifts from you on social media, so we take care to make sure every gift is beautifully prepared. You can upload your logo to the front of the box, so that it will be included when people share pictures of their gifts with their social networks.
What type of box designs are available?
You can choose from different box designs, based on the occasion you select.
Can I get a bulk price on boxes?
Yes, Just use the slider to confirm how many gifts you wish to send and the price per decorated box with a handwritten note will go down accordingly.
Can I send an item without a box?
No. Part of what sets Prazely apart is the visual appeal of all our gifts. In the age where everyone shares the visually stimulating aspects of our lives on social media, we want your recipients to receive gifts that they’re proud to share with their social network.
Can I include a personal note?
Yes, in fact, we believe that a handwritten note is one of the most important parts of a personalized gifts, so we include a way for you to tell us what you want your note to say. You can even choose from different styles of handwriting


When will I get my gift suggestions?
Prazely instantly pulls gift matches and presents you with a curated combination of main and supporting items that make up a balanced gift box.
Do my recipients need to tell Prazely what they like?
Nope, never. We don’t want to spoil the surprise! Prazely’s AI will figure out what your recipients like, so they won’t need to tell us. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you look pretty good when you get all the credit for sending highly personalized gifts that perfectly match your recipients’ interests.
Can I change the gift items for a recipient?
Of course! Prazely makes it easy to narrow down only the gift items that match your recipients’ interests. You can interact with our gift-matching technology by rating the items it chooses. Then, by refreshing the gifts, Prazely will eliminate low-rated items and replace them with new highly-targeted selections.
What if a recipient doesn’t have an online presence?
No problem! It isn’t that common these days for a person to have no online presence, but in that case, Prazely will apply gender-neutral, tasteful gifts that are also highly useful. You can also add interests to a recipient’s profile to have it pull targeted gifts for this case.
What kind of gifts do you have?
Prazely sources a curated selection of brand name, high quality items. We focus on gifts that are as useful as they are visually appealing, so that your recipients will receive gift they can’t wait to use. Hundreds of new items are added every week to keep things fresh and interesting. The gifts are also tailored to the occasion you choose.
Can you fit my budget?
We surely hope so!  Prazely supports any budget from the $25-$50 range all the way up to $500 per recipient.
How many items will be in my gift boxes?
That depends on the price point you set. Prazely supports any price point from $25-$500 per recipient. It automatically determines the perfect ratio of main to supporting items to create a balanced gift box.
What will the finished gift box look like?
Each gift box is unique, but if you’d like to see some examples, you can check out our gallery. There, you’ll find a set of examples to give you an idea of the Prazely unboxing experience.

Customer Experience

Will Prazely send marketing emails to my gift recipients?
No way! We believe that ruins the whole gifting experience. If your recipients wish to use Prazely for their own gifting needs, they can certainly do so, but we won’t nudge them.
Can I make a custom order?
Sure, just shoot us a message right using the live chat in the bottom right corner to let us know what you need.
Can I select a date wayyy in the future to schedule deliveries?
Yes, you can schedule gifts out up to a year in advance.