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With the holiday season upon us, there are undoubtedly hundreds of things on your mind, not to mention, on your to-do list. That’s why we at Prazely are on a mission to make personalized holiday shopping as simple as ever. We’ve all been led to believe that business gifts and personal gifts are separate things. Perhaps the reason behind this myth is that most corporate gifts are just a bit too “corporate” (aka boring, bland, generic). That’s why in today’s practice of corporate gifting, the golden rule for success is to personalize your approach to create a gift so memorable, your clients will remember it all the way up to the next holiday season.
Blanka Supe

Co-Founder, Prazely

“I’d love another branded pen or tasteless food basket.”

– said no one ever.

Coming up with personalized and memorable gifts is not an easy task and takes too much time. With the help of Prazely’s recommendation engine we created the ultimate holiday gifting guide for any taste and budget.

For The Tech Geek


We all know that one person who’s trying out the latest tech item before the rest of us have even heard of it. This person had the very first iPhone, while we marveled at the touchscreen and asked to check it out. They were talking to Siri and Alexa and Google before we understood anything about voice command.

This person is always on the lookout for what’s new in tech and Prazely’s got them covered. Prazely will instantly generate a gift like the Google Home and the earbud wrap pictured here, so the techy in your life can enjoy a robotic helper and handy accessory.

For The World Traveler

Travel is the most common interest people identify with, whether or not they actually get to visit other countries. However, frequent business travelers and world explorers are particularly difficult to impress. They often appreciate more practical and functional gifts rather than knick-knacks or generic gifts like mugs or stationary.

For this gift box, Prazely suggests a great mix of travel essentials. Stylish Comrad brand compression socks keep it fun and comfy both in the air and in the office. A compact portable battery is there for when it’s needed it most. An essential Aesop rinse-free hand wash is perfect for the traveler who never stops seeking new adventures. Plus, this gift box comes complete with an exquisite Tcho chocolate to enjoy on a long flight.

For The Fitness & Health Nut


Fitness and wellness have gone from specialized interests to common practices in recent times. Chances are, you’ve noticed a pop-up cycle studio or local health food co-op. Leading a healthy lifestyle is now a part of our mainstream culture. Therefore, it’s common to know several people devoted to fitness and health who are always seeking out ways to incorporate new gear into their routine.

For this type of person, Prazely’s recommendation engine will offer a gift like the mixture of gear and healthy food items seen here.

This smart water bottle that reminds you to drink more water makes the perfect gym companion, along with an armband to keep a smartphone close and accessible. Prazely is packed with healthy food items like these fruit and nut mixes and dark chocolate dusted almonds. Trust us- we’ve tasted it all for ‘quality control’!

For The Coffee Addict

If you’re sending a gift to someone who can’t start the day before their cup of a freshly brewed coffee, then this box will make them jump up and down in caffeine jitters. In the past few years, the coffee culture has, in many ways, become a religion.

With so many new and trendy ways to make that perfect cup, there are definitely plenty of options to impress even the biggest coffee snob.

For this gift box, Prazely chooses a beautiful Ceramic French Press from Yield, a premium coffee blend, a coffee-infused soap from Ritual as well as Sugarfina’s delicious Kona Expresso Beans.

For The Decorator

Creating a gift for people with an artistic flare can be such a challenge because it’s tough to find items that are sure to appeal to their taste. We recognized that art comes in many forms from ornamental items, to wearable accessories, to everyday items with a decorative edge. That’s why even the chocolate in this gift is its own form of art.

This Prazely gift features a stylish color wheel pin, a puzzle as nice to look at as it is to play with, and a sleek mug with a feline tail as a handle, making it a unique blend of decorative and useful items.

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